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  • What is Ceremonial Cacao?

    What is Ceremonial Cacao?

    Healing, Health, Immune
  • We have Arrived

    We have Arrived

    Healing, Health, Immune
  • Dr Morse’s Cellular Botanicals

    Dr Morse’s Cellular Botanicals

    Healing, Health, Immune

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✨Superfeast! A highlight of the Invictus Apothecary.

💫Explore our comprehensive range of Superfeast medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs, the perfect accompaniment to our Ceremonial Cacao and Sovereign Honey!

🌿All 100% organic, exactly the way nature intended it to be.


Visit our shop and explore more:
Fast track to the full Superfeast range:

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🌰 Immerse Yourself in the World of Sovereign Honey!

Embark on a sensory journey with our Sovereign Honey, offering a taste experience that transcends the ordinary. Harvested from the untouched, pristine forests of Waroona, Western Australia, our elixirs are a true testament to the untamed beauty of nature.

🍃 Abundant Nutrients in Every Drop

Enriched with a symphony of natural goodness, our elixirs are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential nutrients, delivering a pure and unadulterated taste of the wild.

🌳 Crafted with Care, Straight to Your Doorstep

From the heart of the forest to the comfort of your home, our elixirs are meticulously crafted without the use of additives or artificial processes. Experience the essence of the forest with every sip, bringing the purity of nature to your daily indulgence.

👉 Eager to savor the essence of the wild? Explore our offerings on our website today!

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Embark on a Journey with Our Premium Ceremonial Cacao! 🍫

🌿 Sourced from the fields of Northern Peru
🍃 100% pure heirloom Criollo variety
🌱 Certified organic and sustainably harvested
👐 Carefully crafted in the heart of Kerala
🍵 Enhances mental clarity & focus
💪 Boosts metabolism & supports endurance
🌈 Rich in antioxidants for overall well-being
🧘‍♂️ Fosters a sense of calm and relaxation
🚀 Unleash a revitalising burst of energy anytime!

Experience the extraordinary vitality of CACAO ELIXIR, a true elixir for your well-being! ✨

Treat yourself to the magic of INVICTUS CACAO at just $2.50 a day!

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Our black friday sale is officially LIVE 🎆🎇

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Elevate your well-being with Invictus Apothecary Cymbiotika`s Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 – now available in a convenient 60ml Liposomal Pump! 🌈 Experience the benefits of:

🛡️ Supports immune health
🦴 Supports strong bones by regulating calcium
💓 Supports cardiovascular health by reducing arterial plaque
✨ PRO-TIP: Amplify your vitality by taking it with Liposomal B-12 for increased energy and a balanced mood.

Revitalize your health journey with this powerful blend of essential nutrients. Shop now at Your path to wellness starts here! 💚

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Something BIG is coming… Read more ⬇️⬇️

The team is buzzing here at Invictus Apothecary as we gear up for the silly season.

And with Black Friday just around the corner, we know your inboxes are flooded with tempting deals, and to join in on the fun, we’ve come up with a deal of our own 😉

Believe us when we say it’s gonna be a rippa!

After discussion with our team in America, we are thrilled to announce a BIG opportunity for our Australian community.

For the very first time Down Under, Invictus Apothecary is rolling out a special sale on all Dr. Morse`s highly coveted products.

Yes, you read it right – ANY item from Dr. Morse`s selection will be up for grabs at a Black Friday price, and this offer is only available for a limited time.

But that’s not all…

We`ve got additional surprises up our sleeves, and we can`t wait to share them with you over the coming days.

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Thank you for being a part of the Invictus Apothecary family.

Let the countdown to an extraordinary Black Friday begin! 🌿✨

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🌿Elevate your well-being with Invictus Apothecary Cymbiotika`s Vitamin B12 + B6 – now available in a convenient 60ml Liposomal Pump!

🌟 Unleash the power of enhanced energy, mood improvement, and heart health support.

✨ PRO-TIP: Maximize benefits by pairing B12 with Cymbiotika’s D3 + K2 + CoQ10 for an extra boost in energy and mood.

Revitalize your health journey with the synergy of essential nutrients. Shop now at Your path to wellness starts here! 💚

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Introducing the Invictus Apothecary Cymbiotika Bundle – a supplement lover`s dream! 💕💞

Elevate your daily routine with a curated collection of premium supplements designed to replenish and rejuvenate. Whether you`re restocking for yourself or surprising a loved one with a passion for wellness, our exclusive bundle is a must-have.

🌟 Your New Daily Routine!
Experience the transformative power of Cymbiotika`s meticulously crafted supplements, tailored for those who appreciate the best in natural wellness. From immune support to energy enhancement, this bundle has it all.

Only at Invictus Apothecary, your destination for premium health and wellness. Embrace a new level of vitality with the Cymbiotika Bundle.

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🌰 Immerse Yourself in the Harmony of Sovereign Honey!

Embark on a sensory journey with our Sovereign Honey, a true embodiment of nature`s harmony, straight from the pristine woodlands of Waroona, Western Australia. Delight in the distinct and exquisite flavor that sets our honey apart, harvested from chemical-free, wild-harvested environments.

🌿 Nature`s Bounty Unleashed

Experience the richness of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids in every spoonful of Forest Nectar. This honey is a testament to the unbridled bounty of the natural world, offering a symphony of nutrients that contribute to your overall well-being.

🌳 Crafted with Care, from Hive to Home

Our honey-making process is a laborious journey of dedication, free from any chemical or heat interference. From hive to home, we ensure that each jar preserves the pure essence of our Sovereign Honey, capturing the spirit of the wilderness in every golden drop.

👉 Curious to savor the unique taste? Discover the magic at our online store today!

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Uncover the Wonders of Our Ceremonial Cacao! 🍫

🌿 Sustainably sourced from the fertile soils Northern Peru
🌟 100% pure heirloom Criollo variety
🙌 Hand-harvested, sun-dried, and finely ground
👌 Expertly crafted in the spice haven of Kerala
🌱 Ignites mental clarity & promotes vitality
💪 Supports joint health & enhances flexibility
🍃 Facilitates digestion & aids in detoxification
🌈 Balances the spirit & promotes relaxation
🚀 Elevate your day with a revitalising morning boost!

Indulge in the holistic power of CACAO ELIXIR, a wellness elixir that transcends ordinary experiences! 🌿

Pamper yourself with the nourishment of INVICTUS CACAO at just $2.50 a day!
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Reclaim your health with Invictus Apothecary Dr. Morse`s Adrenal Support Tincture/Glycerin!

It`s time to take charge of your well-being and kick stress to the curb. Our naturopath-formulated elixir, backed by decades of clinical testing, is your key to detoxifying and revitalizing your body.

🌱 Key Ingredients:

Chaste Tree Berry 🍒
Cleavers Herb 🌿
Dandelion Leaf & Root 🌼
Eleuthero Root 🌱
He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) Root 🌾
Experience the Benefits:
✨ Glandular support
✨ Stress support
✨ Neuroendocrine health

Ready to conquer stress and embrace vitality? Visit our shop at and start your wellness journey today!

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🌿 Discover the natural magic of Invictus Apothecary Dr Morse’s Licorice! 🌱

Soothe your digestive tract with the incredible power of licorice. 🍬 Its sweet glycyrrhizin and hydrating polysaccharides create a beautiful composition that cools and calms tissues along your throat and digestive system. 🙌

Our Licorice Root Extract is not just any extract; it`s high in saponins, making it a true adaptogen. 🌟 Say goodbye to post-workout discomfort with this incredible natural remedy. 🏋️‍♂️

Did we mention that all the herbs in our formulas are organic, wildcrafted, or consciously cultivated? 🌿 Quality is our top priority.

This product is carefully crafted to a 1:2.7 herb-strength ratio, ensuring you get the maximum benefits with every drop. 🌱

Your well-being matters, so be sure to consult with your physician before adding any dietary supplement to your routine. 🩺

Ready to experience the wonders of Licorice Root Extract? Click the link below to learn more and shop now!

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Dr Morse`s Products

Embark on a journey of holistic well-being with Dr. Morse`s Cellular Botanicals, available exclusively at Invictus Apothecary!

🌿 Take control of your health naturally as you detoxify your body and renew your systems. Our comprehensive range of tinctures, glycerin, capsules, and teas is meticulously crafted to support every facet of your well-being:

🌱 Digestive Health
🩸 Healthy Blood
🌈 Hormone Health
🧠 Neurological Health
🫁 Lung Health
💧 Urinary Tract Health
🦴 Bone And Joint Health
🛡️ Immune Health

Experience the power of nature`s remedies in every drop, sip, or capsule. Elevate your health journey and embrace holistic vitality. Start your transformation with Dr. Morse`s Cellular Botanicals—because your well-being is worth it!

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🍯 Dive into the World of Sovereign Honey!

Experience the unparalleled flavor of our Sovereign Honey, unlike anything you`ve tasted before. Straight from the chemical-free, self-propagating lands of Waroona, Western Australia, it`s a natural treasure.

🌱 Packed with Goodness

Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, our honey is a true embodiment of nature`s goodness.

🐝 From Hive to Home

Our honey is a labor of love, free from chemical and heat treatment, ensuring it`s as pure as can be.

👉 Curious about the unique taste? Visit our website today!

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Discover the Power of Our Ceremonial Cacao! 🍫

🌱 Ethically sourced from Northern Peru
🌟 100% pure heirloom Criollo variety
🙌 Raw, organic, and unprocessed
👌 Hand-prepared in Western Australia
🌿 Boosts cognition & physical function
🧘‍♀️ Supports structure & muscles
🍃 Aids digestion & detoxification
🌈 Calms the mind & relieves stress
🚀 Provides an energising morning boost

It truly is an indulgent wellness rocket 🚀

Gift yourself the benefits of INVICTUS CACAO for just $2.25 a day!

Shop now: 🛒

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Many people ask us how we live our lives, largely unsure of what can be achieved living the INVICTUS WAY.

Well, the sheer volume of interest and questions has inspired us to create LIVING INVICTUS! A series dedicated to unvailing the great mystery of what we do. how we do it, and what it takes to get there.

Subscription opens soon! 🔐

Enjoy the glimpse 🫣

Unlock Your Body`s Natural Cleansing Power with Parasite M! 🌿💪 Partnered with Parasite G, Parasite M supports your body`s parasite cleanse efforts. It`s an essential component of detox protocols, reinforcing your natural defenses against deeper-seated and recurring foreign organism imbalances.

This formula contains a potent blend of black walnut, pau d’arco, clove, and olive leaf to help remove unwanted organisms internally. Additionally, barberry, fennel, and thyme promote healthy liver function, which plays a role in maintaining skin barrier integrity.

For a healthy, balanced micro-ecosystem, explore Parasite M at!🩸🌿

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Empower Your Natural Cleansing with Parasite G! 🌿✨ Partnered with Parasite M, Parasite G supports your body`s parasite cleanse efforts and eases intestinal discomfort caused by unwanted organisms.

Our formula boasts a powerful lineup of traditional herbs like black walnut, wormwood, wormseed, pau d’arco, tansy, and clove, known for their ability to aid in removing unwanted gut organisms. Plus, we`ve included parsley, barberry, fennel, and aloe to promote digestion, along with a touch of cascara sagrada for healthy elimination.

Take charge of your well-being—explore Parasite G at 🩸🌿

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Elevate Your Pancreatic Health with Pancreas Support! 🩸✨ Our carefully crafted supplement is designed to promote the healthy function of the pancreas while maintaining balanced blood sugar levels.

The pancreas is a vital gland for both digestion and hormones, including insulin production. Our formula features a blend of potent bitter herbs like bayberry, blessed thistle, blue vervain, and gentian to ignite your digestive fire and support blood sugar balance. Aromatic thyme and cardamom relax smooth muscles in the GI tract, while dandelion and burdock target pancreatic and liver health.

Prioritize your well-being and explore Pancreas Support at 🌿🛒

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Elevate Your Well-Being with Digestive Health! 🌿💫 At Invictus Apothecary, we understand why prioritizing your digestive health is absolutely essential:

-Nutrient Absorption: Fuel your body with essential nutrients for energy and vitality.
-Immune Function: Boost your defenses and reduce the risk of infections.
-Mood and Mental Health: Improve emotional well-being with a balanced gut.
-Weight Management: Support a healthy weight and metabolic control.
-Digestive Comfort: Say goodbye to discomfort and digestive issues.
-Chronic Disease Prevention: Lower the risk of chronic conditions.
-Energy and Vitality: Feel more energized and alert.
-Longevity: Promote a longer, healthier life.

Prioritizing digestive health leads to a happier, healthier you. Explore our products like Pancreas Support, Parasite General, and Parasite Micro in glycerin and tincture forms. Shop now at Invictus Apothecary and start your journey to well-being! 🛒🌿

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