Tinctures, glycerin and capsules will last two weeks based upon the standard dosage of two droppers full or two capsules, three times per day. This is for a weight range of 75-150 lbs. If your weight falls under or over this range, it will affect the length of time your bottle lasts.

One squeeze of the plunger will typically pull up one dropperful of tincture (or glycerin). Therefore, for a two dropperful dose, it may be necessary to draw up two single dropperful doses.

The standard dose is two capsules three times per day. However, this should be altered based on your personal needs. The goal is one well-formed bowel movement within 20 minutes to an hour after each meal. If you are going more or less than this, adjust the bowel formula until you reach this goal. To choose which bowel formula is best, determine your current bowel habits:

GI Renew #0 is for excessive movements and diarrhea-type stools.

GI Renew #1 is for loose stools and those who have 3 or more movements a day.

GI Renew #2 is for one bowel movement a day, or someone who misses a day once in awhile.

GI Renew #3 is for someone whose bowels move every other day to every 3rd day.

GI Renew #4 is for someone whose bowels move every third day or so.

GI Renew #5 is for someone whose bowels are not moving much at all and needs a big boost to get going.

We do have three different Lymphatic System/Spleen Formulas which increase in strength as you progress through them (Mild, Moderate and Strong). These formulas have recently been superseded by the Lymphatic Systems 1, 2, 3 & 4 and they follow the same premiss of mild to strong with 1 being the mildest and 4 being most powerful. The Kidneys and Bladder formulas don’t have a significant difference in strength, they are simply different formulation to cover the sheer volume of herbs aligned to the task… there a just SO many great kidney herbs! Dr. Morse focused the Kidneys and Bladder formulas into two types; Clean/strengthen (1 & 3) and diuretic action (2 & 4).  For optimal results we recommend using a cleanser and a diuretic together. e.g. you can use the following combinations together: 1 & 2, 1 & 4, 3 & 2, 3 & 4.

Dr. Morse likes to “power-punch” the Kidneys & Lymphatic System with two Kidney formulas paired with a Lymphatic System formula. The Kidneys & Bladder and Lymphatic Systems formulas are typically paired like so (but feel free to experiment and change it up if another combination works for you):

– Kidneys & Bladder 1, Kidneys & Bladder 2 and Lymphatic System/Spleen | Systems 1 (Mild)

– Kidneys & Bladder 2, Kidneys & Bladder 3 and Lymphatic System/Spleen | Systems 2 (Moderate)

– Kidneys & Bladder 3, Kidneys & Bladder 4 and Lymphatic System/Spleen | Systems 3 (Strong)

– Kidneys & Bladder 1, Kidneys & Bladder 2 and Lymphatic System/Spleen | Systems 4 (Extra Strong)

– Kidneys & Bladder 3, Kidneys & Bladder 4 and Lymphatic System/Spleen | Systems 4 (Extra Strong)

Having disease conditions listed was problematic for a few reasons, and in all honesty is contrary to what Dr. Morse teaches. Any “disease” (or set of symptoms described by mainstream medicine) always goes back to acidity and lymphatic stagnation. Dr. Morse has worked for years to educate people of this fact-alongside offering the formulas to address these and genetic weaknesses. So, we felt it was best to remove traditional uses for the time being.

If you would like help deciding which formulas would be best, you can call the clinic for recommendations by mobile/cell or WhatsApp on (+61) 458 798 841 (if you are outside Australia, please dial your countries exit code prior to the number). Our staff members are available to help Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 3:45 pm AWST.

Yes, herbs are non-hybrid foods and are generally safe to take while taking other products and/or chemical drugs. However, there are circumstances where you will need to exercise caution. Therefore, we highly recommend that when taking medications, you work directly with one of our counsellors or another qualified Health Practitioner.

Dr. Morse’s formulas are unique in that they were designed by a Practitioner for other Practitioners after nearly 45 years of research and clinical use. They are made with the highest quality organic or ethically wildcrafted herbs* (our supplier knows each grower personally!) and are extremely fresh. We use a higher concentration of herbs to alcohol in our tinctures (1:4 vs. 1:5 typically used in other herbal preparations) for maximum potency, and our formulas are made in small batches on a regular basis to ensure the freshest products on the market. And finally, they have been used in a clinical setting for over 30 years with great success. So, we can honestly say from experience that these herbal formulas work—and work extremely well! Dr. Morse has a worldwide reputation in his successful work using regenerative detoxification to restore the human body back to health and vitality.

Our products can be refrigerated, but it is not necessary. Just keep the herbs out of extreme heat or direct sunlight (don’t leave them in your car or on a sunny kitchen windowsill). The teas and capsules will last longer if refrigerated.

Our manufacturer works with well-known suppliers to obtain the highest quality herbs possible. The daily suggested use of our formulas keeps most, if not all, of our products well under any concerns over potential limits for metals. However, herbs/ingredients are tested when they are known to be high in heavy metals, and/or if those ingredients are in large enough amount that they may pose a risk for heavy metal adulteration.  Our manufacturer also constantly monitors FDA watch lists for herbs that are found to be at risk for heavy metals and other types of adulterants, and tests each ingredient as necessary.     

None of our products are irradiated at any time prior to us shipping them. They are not irradiated during production and are delivered to us by freight (driven on a truck, not flown on a plane).

Auspost/FedEX only irradiates packages destined for a federal parliament building.

UPS irradiates anything that goes on a plane (ground shipments are not irradiated).

The x-ray scanners used by all carriers are not enough to damage the integrity of organic products. It is uncertain whether packages are irradiated at borders, this will vary by customs office. If this is a concern, we recommend international members call their local customs office and inquire about their policies. That said, we have never had any issue reported from an irradiated package, so it would appear that the x-rays used for air shipments are not enough to negatively affect them, at least not as far as we have seen

Our formulas are gluten free. The tinctures are made with sugarcane alcohol instead of grain alcohol, and we only use wheatgrass (the seed is the part of the plant that contains gluten, grass/leaves do not).

Very few of our formulas contain ingredients considered to be allergenic.  Two formulas contain tree nuts; the Superfood Explosion (almond powder), and The Ultimate Herbal Blend Salve contains coconut oil.  (Please note that only the salve contains coconut oil, the Tincture, Capsule, Glycerin and Loose Tea versions of this formula do not contain any allergens).  

Parasite M, Parasite G and Heal All Herbal Blend contain black walnut hull.  While these products do carry a cautionary tree nut warning on the label, they do not contain black walnut itself (only the outer hull).  The tree nut warning is required due to the potential, no matter how minimal, for cross-contamination during processing.  

Any herbalist will tell you that a tincture is the most potent form of an herbal preparation you can get. However, in our experience, the capsules and glycerin formulas have proven to be just as effective (if not more so!). There is some difference in the way the body will absorb and metabolize the herbs in different forms—alcohol metabolizes directly from the stomach so you feel it’s effects almost instantly. Capsules pass through the digestive system and therefore take a bit longer to take effect. A few of our formulas are designed to target specific areas so they are only available in the optimal form for that goal (the Spasm Calm, for example, is only available in tincture form because you do not want to wait 20 minutes for absorption!). But for the most part, choosing which form of a formula to use is simply a matter of preference and what will help you be most consistent with taking your herbs.

Do not let this deter you from your detox!  There is absolutely no reason that you cannot use capsules or glycerin in place of an out-of-stock tincture (or vice versa)!  If you need assistance with substitutions for an entire formula (something that is only available in tincture form, for example, and that tincture is out of stock) please contact us and we will be happy to let you know what Dr. Morse recommends in place of that formula.  Do not let one formula keep you from the benefits to come from the rest of your protocol—simply substitute or add the missing formula when it is back in stock! 

Glandulars are typically available only to those members who are actively working with one of our counsellors. We make them available on our website, however strongly suggest you reach out to us before undertaking glandular use for the first time, or if you have taken a glandular without noticing a desired effect.

What if I have some questions regarding my health? Can I call for advice and is there any charge?

If you just have a few quick questions (15 minutes or less), any of our staff can help you. Most are trained Detoxification Specialists, or will put you in contact with one. However, if you have many questions, it would be best to schedule a time to talk directly to one of our counsellors. Keep in mind that our counsellors and staff do not “treat,” but will teach you how to heal your body of whatever health issues you may be experiencing.

You can check the rates for in-person, phone or Zoom consultations on our Clinic page www.invictushealthhub.com.au. If you choose to purchase a clinic service, our clinic staff will process your order within 48 business hours and reach out to you for the necessary paperwork. 

Please keep in mind that Follow-Up consultations do require an Initial Consultation first.

For questions or assistance, please contact our clinic and they will be happy to help!

Thanks for growing with us!

Blood Circulation:  This formula was developed to help optimize blood viscosity and improve circulation systemically throughout the body.  Like the Blood Support formula, it will remove obstructions (both lipid and mineral) while supporting and strengthening the entire vascular system.

Bleeding:  This formula is haemostatic in nature and was formulated to stop mild to moderate internal and external bleeding.  

Blood Support:  This formula was developed for cleansing the blood of impurities and strengthening the entire blood system.  It alkalizes the blood and vascular tissues and helps remove metals and mineral and lipid deposits.

Personal FAQ

Everyone is different, so some issues will reverse themselves very quickly (in 3 to 4 months) and other deeper issues may take up to 9 months, 12 months, or even longer to resolve. Some of our weaknesses and congestive issues are deep-seated and genetic, so it takes a lot of effort and a serious time investment to eliminate these deeper issues. Time and patience heals all wounds.

The herbs will work if you don’t do the diet, but it will take longer to resolve your health issues. Remember: “What you eat, drink, breathe, and what you put on your skin is your health or your disease.”

The ideal would be to work directly with one of our counsellors. If you can’t do that, then request a product list and/or review the herbs available on the website, and use the Health Assessment Form to help guide you to the proper formulas. The staff can also help you to determine which formulas are best for you.

Yes, the average is 6 tinctures and 3 capsule formulas at a time.

Yes, and we have written instructions on how to do that (instructions are available in the Invictus Health Hub Members area).

The amount of alcohol in the herbal formulas is about the equivalent of eating a ripe banana. But for those who are very sensitive, we have written instructions on how to ‘burn off the alcohol’ (instructions are available in the Invictus Health Hub (IHH) members area). It’s very easy. Additionally, many of our more popular formulas are available in glycerin and/or capsule form (which are alcohol-free).

Yes, pets respond wonderfully to Dr. Morse’s formulas! Formulas should be administered according to weight. You can use the weight guidelines on the bottle, or for very small animals calculate the dose based upon one single drop per 8lbs (3.5kg) of body weight.

Yes, children also respond beautifully to Dr. Morse’s formulas. Children’s doses should also be determined based upon weight (see previous question).

The best way to continue working on your issues is by continuing on the Living Foods Diet. Your body needs the living enzymes and properties in these foods to continue cleaning and rebuilding. Then you can also purchase individual herbs in bulk tea form from a quality Herb Shop or Health Food Store, or use Dr. Morse’s Heal All Tea. Or you can take as few or as many of the formulas as you can afford (up to 10 or so at a time). You may wish to work on the most important weaknesses you have first. The Fab Four (Kidneys & Bladder, GI Renew, Lymphatic System and Endocrine Support) is always a priority and an excellent place to start!

No, it would be a wonderful treat for your body to be able to start detoxing at any level, no matter how small. There isn’t a person on the planet that couldn’t benefit greatly from the detox process and every little bit helps! Keep going a little bit at a time. Your body will respond by helping you to enjoy a more vibrant level of good health than you ever thought possible!

The first step to getting started is moving to an 80-100% Living Foods Diet! Your body needs the living enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables in order to start healing itself. Don’t even underestimate the power of a living foods diet! It can and will work wonders in your life. Then, little by little, add whatever herbal formulas you can afford, according to whatever issues are your greatest priority. It’s very important to start always with the Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit Weeks 1 & 2, as these particular formulas are going to start detoxing the most vitally important areas of your body. Also, a three-day fresh grape juice or lemon juice fast will speed up your level of detoxification. If you have the strength and determination, try doing a 100% Living Foods Diet and see the amazing results in your level of detoxification and regeneration. It will amaze you!

We are incredibly blessed that generous health club members inquire about how they can help our less fortunate members afford the herbal formulas. If you would like to donate herbal formulas or funds for a member in need, please contact Jodie K. for more information or you may make a donation through the Donation section of the Online Store.

General FAQ

We commit to fulfilling your order within 48 business hours of confirmed payment. Any issues arising will be communicated to you via the mode of contact you provide through the checkout process. (Email or phone). NB: Emails can land in ‘Junk’, please be sure to check your junk account for emails from us and authorise their redirect to your main inbox.

All sales are final. Any alterations may require you to place a subsequent order, however our team will support you through that process; just reach out to us and ask.

Returns are at the discretion of the business and may incur a 20% restocking fee. You can complete an enquiry form here to request a return.

If your goods are damaged is transit and it results in the item being unfit for use, we will replace or substitute it provided the value does not exceed your selected cover (see below FAQ). In the event of insufficient stock, a store credit will be applied. Before we do anything, you can be sure that we will consult you first to ensure the best outcome.

NB: All parcels sent carry a standard cover for lost and damaged goods of $100 AUD only. If you wish to increase your cover value, please check the box at checkout and it will automatically add the insurance cost to your total. If you miss the opportunity and need a plan ‘B’, please send us an email immediately with your order confirmation to apothecary@invictushealthhub.com.au alerting us to the fact you would like to insure the total order. We will respond to you with an invoice for the AUSPOST premium cover which will need to be paid prior to dispatch. In the event the carrier deems a parcel lost, we will provide goods replacement or financial remedy in alignment with the order total, or the honoured AUSPOST cover value.

No, though we have extremely gifted naturopathic and regenerative professionals in our team that can be accessed via our clinic page www.invictushealthhub.com.au . Advice on products and services offered by our team are conversational for your consideration only and not intended as instruction, nor do they replace medical advice. You should consult your physician if you are at all unsure.

We are committed to the highest levels of service and support; you can trust that your experience of us will be one of utmost professionalism, care and urgency.

Dr Morse’s Cellular Botanicals, additional shipping/returns FAQ:

Please double-check your entire order upon arrival. No product claims will be respected unless made within 7 days of receipt of goods.  If your order has been damaged or appears to have been opened during shipping, please keep it in the original packaging and notify us immediately.

File an enquiry here. Please read the criteria below.

All returns must have prior authorization from an IHH Staff Member.  We accept unopened tincture and glycerin formulas ONLY, within 7 days of receipt of goods. We gladly accept unopened returns/exchanges due to our error (bottle seals MUST be intact).  Any returns not due to our error are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Loose Teas, Powder Blends, Salves, Capsulated Formulas, Sale Items and Educational Materials cannot be returned. No exceptions.

If you are an International customer, please check your countries customs regulations for suitability of your products before finalising your order.