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Ingredients: Siberian ginseng, Licorice root, Hawthorn berries, Red Clover & Alfalfa.

Do you wake up in the morning still feeling tired? Exhausted at the end of the day? Feeling weary all the time? Herbal Teas Australia FATIGUE tea has been designed to help with adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue. Formulated with Siberian Ginseng and Licorice root to nourish the adrenal glands, with Red Clover, Hawthorn berries and Alfalfa, this is a tea that will help with weariness and may restore that “get up and go” feeling. You will feel energised, have more stamina and endurance and ready to face the day.
These herbs are a tonic so they can help in many ways. Make the herbs into a hot infusion by steeping for between 5-10 minutes, and consume immediately. Or allow to cool and consume cold, this can easily be placed in a water bottle and sipped on during the day. Cooking with herbs adds flavour and have a therapeutic benefit for your food. Lightly fry a tablespoon of herbs in a little oil then continue with your recipe. Enjoy making herbs part of your healthy lifestyle.

  • Great value with min 100 cups from every 50gm packet
  • Sourced from the finest organic and wildcrafted ingredients from Australia and around the world
  • Loose leaf means high flavour and potency for maximum therapeutic benefit.
  • Most tea-bags contain plastic, go plastic free and choose loose leaf
  • Hand blended in small batches for optimum quality assurance
  • A herbal tea that may help with adrenal exhaustion and weariness; may restore the “get up & go” feeling

Absolutely no preservatives, colourings, flavourings or sweeteners in these herbal teas.

Please note: The powdery appearance of this tea is due to using Organic Alfalfa powder. This is a temporary measure while stocks of the Organic Alfalfa leaf is not available. We will be reverting back to the leaf when supplies are back in stock.

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