A Natural Remedy for Better Sleep

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Perfect sleep can be a tricky beast to tame.

But we have something to help.

The items in the bundle below work together to help the body and mind relax, promoting deeper sleep. Enhancing feelings of energy and wellbeing upon waking.

In our appreciation for you, please accept this $15.00 gift card to use on a 1kg Cacao & Sovereign Honey Bundle purchase.


Such a lovely way to end the day…

“Perfect for peaceful sleep. It has been such a stressful time recently and I’ve felt tired, disconnected and I’ve found it difficult to relax and switch off. The cacao for peaceful sleep is really lovely. I didn’t need to combine it with any complicated ritual, I just prepared my cacao with oat milk and sat drinking quietly. Within 30 minutes I felt a gentle wave of tiredness and shortly after that I was able to sleep! Such a lovely way to end the day.”
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